Corporate Photography

Feature Photo Service, Inc. has been providing photographic services for some of the world's leading businesses, Fortune 500 companies, pharmaceutical, law, insurance, financial firms and non-profits for more than thirty years. Our clients have become accustomed to the quality of our work, high standards and attention to detail. Let our talented team of corporate photographers, editors and retouchers handle photography for your next print, annual report or website project. 

Public Relations & Wire Photography

Image. Your brand has a story to tell, let us help you tell it to the world. To today’s public relations professional finding the right image is the reason so many communicators choose Feature Photo Service for our photographic expertise, worldwide service and ability to distribute to the news media. From sponsorship photo coverage to general PR event coverage to creative wire photography to worldwide photo distribution to full service video production – we’ve got you covered. Feature Photo Service puts your photos where the editors look for them on the Associated Press, NewsCom and worldwide through our network of over 25 major news agencies. So, the next time you image is on the line, call Feature Photo Service and get the exposure it deserves.



Timing is everything. After more than 30 years and many, many photo assignments we know a thing or two about event coverage. Our experienced photographers and video crews understand how important your event is. Photography is more than just pointing and shooting, it’s about lighting, angles and knowing when to capture that right moment. We will work with you to ensure that you have thorough coverage - capture the images that you need and deliver them when you need it.


Portable Portrait Studio. Time is money. We know you’re busy. Why go to the studio when the studio can come to you? At Feature Photo Service, we work with executives from virtually every industry from corporate, legal, insurance, financial, healthcare, entertainment and tech. Our professional portrait photographers will come to your office or place of business and set-up their “portable portrait studio”. They’ll bring all the equipment needed to take your portrait. Our photographers can provide you with classic corporate portrait “head & shoulders” (with a backdrop), environmental portrait or ‘personality’ photo. Group photos and large groups of people are our specialty. Our staff along with our talented team of photographers, editors, retouchers and hair & makeup artists will do their best to help you look your best!


Product Photography

We spend a lot of our days photographing people and events, but product photography is also in our wheelhouse. Call us for that special product shot for your website, catalogue or newswire release. Let our team of professional product photographers create a photo that makes your product stand out from the crowd.

Wire Photo Distribution

Feature Photo Service (FPS) puts your photos where the editors are looking!™
FPS was the first and only all photographic agency to offer AP photo distribution when it was made available for commercial purposes.

A photo coming from a corporation or a public relations agency can be seen by the media as self-serving. By using FPS to distribute your photo you create third party credibility coming from an established photo service that is trusted and respected by the media.  When we distribute your photos to the AP - your photos appear on a photo editor’s computer terminal along with AP’s own news photos!

Distribute your photo to 1300+ U.S. News Media via the Associated Press (AP) and via the AP Archives to 30,000+ users in 52 countries (approx 70% in the US) and to more than 12,000 editors at over 2,500 worldwide publications via NewsCom. FPS offers worldwide photo distribution via 25+ news agencies worldwide.

Feature Photo Service provides full photo services. We have experienced photographers all around the world. Let us handle your next photo assignment and distribution!

Video Coverage, B-Roll, Satellite Media Tours

Feature Photo Service. We’re more than just still photos. With a network of more than 500 experienced video crews worldwide, we can cover virtually any event anywhere in the world. Our crews are very adept at capturing and documenting corporate events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, interviews and promotional/corporate videos. . We provide a broad range of video services including post production, B-roll, satellite media tours (SMT), multi-camera and video distribution to the media.

Let our talented team of videographers, producers, editors, animators, writers, voice-over, hair and makeup artists help create a video that supports your branding, pr, social media, website and marketing goals.